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The Devil Dogs fly for the Rooks in the multi-player WWII combat sim Aces High. Aces High is a combat sim where players from around the world are grouped into 3 different countries and battle by land, sea and air to capture each other's bases and win the war. You can find Aces High at www.hitechcreations.com


Devil Dogs Core Values

Core Values help those who join us to understand right from the outset what’s expected of them. Equally important, they provide all of us, from [the rank of] Airman to four-star general, with a touchstone—a guide in our own conscience—to remind us of what we expect from ourselves. We have wonderful people in the Devil Dogs. But we aren’t perfect. Frequent reflection on the core values helps each of us refocus on the person we want to be and the example we want to set.

—General Michael E. Ryan, Chief of Staff



Loyalty is to:

Bear true faith and allegiance to the Rook Constitution, the Armed Forces, your unit and other Wariors. 


Integrity is the single most important part of character

Integrity is the willingness to do what is right even when no one else is looking. It is the "moral compass" the inner voice, the voice of self-control, the basis for the trust imperative in today's Rook Forces. Integrity is the single most important part of character.


Service Before Self

As a Devil Dog core value, service is not about the Rook Forces institution, it is about an enduring commitment and dedication of the individual Devil Dog to the age-old military virtue of selfless dedication to duty at all times and in all circumstances. This includes putting one’s life at risk if called to do so. It is a willingness to set aside one’s needs and to make personal sacrifices.


Excellence in All We Do

This core value demands Devil Dogs constantly strive to perform at their best. It is a commitment to high standards and an understanding that each Warrior has been entrusted with our nation’s security. Devil Dogs understand the Rook Forces mission is very complex and exists in a constantly changing world. They understand that all efforts in planning and executing military power are designed to ensure the national security interests of the Rook Nation. Therefore, they must always strive to meet or exceed standards objectively based on mission needs and continuously search for new and innovative ways to successfully accomplish the mission. It is not only a professional obligation but a moral responsibility as well.

The Devil Dog Team

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Helpfull Videos

FM2/F4F4 Wildcats Update Preview

FM2/F4F4 Wildcats Update Preview

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What is Environmental Mapping?

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Field Of View Illustrated

Aces High "Field of View" Illustrated

Joystick Mapping

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Aces High (Official Video)


Devil Dogs who are MIA

These Devil Dogs are missing in action.They have either left the game for some reason or are rarely on anymore

Exceptional Devil Dog Sorties

Apophis Single Pass Town Deack
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FM2/F4F4 Wildcats Update Preview

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